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There's A Serious Problem With The Jaguar I-Pace

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Jag's recalling all its EVs for a problem with its brakes.

There are many moving parts in a modern automobile. And we count on them all to work when we need them – especially the brakes. But in the Jaguar I-Pace, they might not do their job as quick as you need them to.

Investigators have found that, if the regenerative braking system on the all-electric Jag fails, there could be "an increased delay" between when the driver hits the brakes and the vehicle actually starts slowing down. That could be very dangerous indeed, so the British automaker is recalling a few thousand of them.

3,083 of them, to be specific, in the United States – which, truth be told, is more than we realize it had actually sold here since deliveries began just last fall. Suffice it to say, then, that they're all being called in. Every last one of them.

Fortunately a software update is expected to clear up the problem, and JLR already has the fix ready to implement at the beginning of next month when the recall campaign will get under way. Until then drivers of the battery-powered luxury crossover might want to be extra attentive behind the wheel.

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The I-Pace has been enjoying its narrow niche as virtually the only compact luxury electric crossover on the market – but it won't for long. Soon to join the fight will be such challengers as the Tesla Model Y, Mercedes EQC, and BMW iX3. Polestar is also preparing its own, Porsche is planning to take the next-gen Macan electric, and Audi will surely launch a smaller counterpart to the larger e-tron as well (to name just a few). Suffice it to say, then, that the segment is just heating up, and for Jaguar Land Rover's part, the I-Pace will be just the beginning of an imminent EV onslaught.