There's About To Be A Huge Celebration Of Japanese Performance Icons...In The UK

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And it's awkwardly called Japfest.

Beginning this Sunday, April 24, the biggest celebration of Japanese sports cars will begin, only it won't take place in Japan. No, this is happening at Silverstone, in the UK. Japfest 2016 will feature more than 3,000 Japanese sports car icons, and because it's being held at a venue as vast as Silverstone, event planners are predicting this year will be bigger than ever. This isn't going to be just any old car show.

No, Japfest will also host the 2016 Drift Kings championship, where judges will reward drivers for style, skill, smoke and speed for a £1,000 top prize.

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This is also going to be a celebration of some of the most dramatic and insane Japanese car builds ever, and it'll also be Europe's biggest ever gathering of Mitsubishi Evos. Oh, the third gen Mazda RX-7, built from 1991 to 2002, will also be featured as it celebrates its silver jubilee this year. Just to fully convince everyone just how ridiculously awesome this show is going to be, we've added a video from last year's event.

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