There's Absolutely No Way This One-Off Russian Roadster Is A BMW

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No, just no, but we still dig it.

Back in 1998, a Russian designer named Sergei Ivanov created a small roadster called the Cardi Curara. It featured a tubular frame and hinged fiberglass panels and was powered by a 5.0-liter V12 taken from a BMW 750. With a total of 300 hp going to the rear wheels courtesy of its ZF four-speed automatic slushbox, the one-off Curara made its public debut at the Paris Motor Show. Ivanov wanted it to drive like a real sports car, so he had the car fitted with a short suspension and the power steering came straight out of a 3 Series.

Its burgundy leather interior was ordered especially from the UK. Following the show, the Curara was bought for around $160,000 from some guy in Spain, and then it disappeared for about a decade. Not so long ago, it turned up at a classic car auction in Germany. For some reason, its latest owner stuck on BMW badges front and rear, probably hoping that someone would be foolish enough to believe it's a BMW 507 or even a Z8. Nice try, but the guy's fooling no one. The Curara was sold for 145,000 euros, however.

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