There's Actually a Dating Website Just for Supercar Owners

Life is lonely as a supercar owner? Really?

They say money buys happiness. But does it also buy companionship? Yes, but only temporarily. Charging by the hour adds up after all. Apparently, there’s a market need for some supercars owners to find and meet fellow owners for the chance to development romantic relationships. Seriously. $upercarDating is a UK website recently launched by a young entrepreneur (and Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster owner) to help connect men and women who share a passion for fast cars and luxury lifestyles.

Yes, owning something like a Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, etc. is a requirement. Other membership perks are sponsored events, such as networking parties, Michelin fine dining, stand-up comedy, clubbing and track days. At present, membership is open to supercar-owning citizens from the UK and EU only, but will be available in North America, Australia, and Russia sometime in 2015.

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