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There’s Already A Problem With This C8 Corvette ZR1

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Further proof that the C8’s mid-engine platform changes everything.

During the reveal event for the C8 Corvette, Chevy ended the show with a short video that was supposed to be a teaser for a car that everyone knew was coming. In between shots that panned too fast for the eyes to register anything meaningful were clips of a camouflaged C8 that bore a huge rear wing riding on its back end. The implications were obvious right from the get-go: Chevy was already busy working on a Z06 or ZR1 version of the C8 Corvette.

That was to be expected, of course, but what the teasers couldn't reveal were what that car would look like. And that question is one that can't be answered as easily as it could be if the C8 stuck with the Corvette's front-mounted engine setup.

If Chevy had done that, a talented rendering artist could simply add elements from the C7 Corvette ZR1 to the current car and call it a day. Not so with the mid-engined C8. Still, that didn't stop artist X-Tomi Design from giving the C8 ZR1 rendering a crack. Presented here is the now-familiar design of the C8 Corvette Stingray, but it sees the volume cranked to 11 with the help of some C7 ZR1 styling cues.

These include that large rear wing, a front bumper that now gets an aerodynamic carbon fiber lip, a yellow ring around each of the blacked-out wheels, large drilled rotors underneath those wheels, and blacked-out body elements like the hood and side skirts.

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But there's also one big problem with X-Tomi's design: the aggressive hood that sits over the C8's frunk and maintains the C7's supercharger air vents. Because of the C8's mid-engine nature, it doesn't have an engine up front, so those vents are useless and nothing more than a tacky addition. If anything, the C8 would have to gain larger side intakes or additional air slots over the glass engine compartment if it truly needed the extra oxygen.

And as we've begun to hear, the upcoming C8 Z06 will feature a twin-turbocharged V8 dubbed the LT7 rather than a supercharged V8. Of course, the rumors could end up being true about the ZR1 instead, but in all likelihood, it seems as if the C8 'Vette does away with superchargers all together. And for that reason, we expect the actual Z06 and ZR1 to look much different than this rendering.