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There’s Another Lexus LC Coming Aside From The Rumored LC F

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But will dealerships even want it?

The recent spy shot revelation of what's quite clearly a Lexus LC F prototype pretty much confirmed a rumor we've heard about for some time: a more high-performance version of the Japanese brand's halo GT car is on its way, likely for 2020. And according to Auto Express, it won't be the only LC derivative set to debut that year. Yes, we're talking about the LC convertible, yet another rumored vehicle that's come up before in the past.

Only this Auto Express claims to have learned from inside sources that the LC drop-top is a "done deal." At present, Lexus does not offer a convertible, which is something it feels needs to be corrected. We're not sure whether some North American Lexus dealerships will feel the same.

You see, a few years ago Lexus was nearly ready to launch an RC convertible (called the LF-C2 Concept and pictured below), based on the underrated yet not huge selling coupe. Dealerships, however, didn't want such a vehicle because it simply wouldn't sell well. Trying to sell the RC coupe was already difficult enough and convertibles are super niche. What dealerships really wanted were more crossovers, and they got them.

There's now a full crossover lineup, ranging in size from the just revealed subcompact UX to the mid-size RX. A larger three-row crossover is rumored to be in the works. So in other words, Lexus dealerships are now satisfied with having plenty of popular vehicles to sell.

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Lexus corporate figures it's time to bring back a convertible and considering the RC (and GS sedan) likely won't be around much longer, it makes complete sense to slice off the LC's roof. What dealerships will gain is a stunning convertible that'll, at the very least, bring even more attention and attract more customers to showrooms. There's also a general consensus that a convertible is necessary in order to properly compete with the premium German brands. Best example: the upcoming BMW 8 Series Cabrio.