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Great News For Buyers Of Bigger Teslas

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Sorry, Model 3 buyers.

Tesla's business model is not quite the same as that of any mainstream automaker. It has done things differently from the get-go and we don't ever see that changing. However, its strategy does come with a few pitfalls, mainly inconsistencies, and the cost of access to the Supercharging network is one of them.

Originally, Model S and Model X buyers had access to unlimited free Supercharging, but not long ago that was taken away. Model 3 buyers, however, have always had to pay, but it's the latter two group of customers that expressed deep frustration over the issue.

In fact, free and unlimited supercharging was one of the reasons why they bought a Tesla in the first place. Tesla apparently heard their anger as it has just announced on Twitter that it is bringing back Free Unlimited Supercharging again on a worldwide basis.

And yes, this only applies to the more expensive Model S and Model X. Sorry Model 3 and future Model Y buyers. What's interesting about Tesla's policy reversal is that just last year CEO Elon Musk stated that Free Unlimited Supercharging was not sustainable at volume production and nor does it "incent optimal behavior."

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Musk even said that "We probably should have ended this earlier." So the question now is 'why?' Why the sudden policy reversal?

The likely answer is because of a decrease in Model S and Model X sales. In short, it's a sales tactic that's proven to work. Although Model 3 production is up and running, the latter two are more expensive and apparently more profitable. Tesla needs the money, which is nothing new. Until the Model 3-based Model Y crossover arrives, Tesla had to find a way to boost profits. We suspect the return of Free Unlimited Supercharging was a relatively quick and easy way to hopefully make that happen.