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There's Bad News About The Dodge Demon

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This is not a rumor. It's official.

The outside chance that Dodge would revive Challenger SRT Demon production has finally been crushed. Speaking with MuscleCarsandTrucks.com, recently re-appointed head of FCA passenger cars Tim Kuniskis has confirmed once and for all that production of the street-legal 840-hp Demon drag racer will remain capped at 3,300. "The Demon isn’t coming back,” Kuniskis stated. "You know what would happen, if those 3,300 people that paid a lot of money for a serialized car, do you know what they would do to me if we brought it back?”

The guy has a point. This doesn’t mean anyone who didn’t manage to get a build slot for one of the limited-run Demons is completely out of luck. It just means they’ll have to pay more on the private market for that highly prized collector’s muscle car.

It’s no wonder the Demon was so highly sought after due to it being the highest horsepower production Challenger ever. It also has the highest output of any production V8 ever, fastest quarter-mile time (9.65 seconds) of any production vehicle, and its 0-60 mph is an outright crazy 2.3 hypercar-killing seconds. MSRP: $84,995. Search online, however, and you’ll see prices over $100,000 and climbing.

Aside from that sheer amount of power, one of the Demon’s other great attributes was the fact it could be quickly modified for drag race use thanks to the Demon Crate, which cost buyers only $1.

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The kit consisted of skinny front tires that could only be used at a drag strip, along with all of the required tire swapping tools, among other items. Kuniskis was in charge of FCA passenger cars at the time of the Demon’s launch, so he knows everything possible about the vehicle – and those who bought them. The Demon was a one-time phenomenon and that’s it. There will be no production revival. What about a Charger SRT Demon? Stop dreaming right now.