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There's Good News About The New Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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Including getting a bigger engine.

So far, the only members of the new 992-generation Porsche 911 we've been introduced to are the 2020 Carrera S and 4S, but it's only a matter of time before new, more powerful variants arrive. One of the most anticipated new 911 models will be the all-new GT3 RS track monster. While we have a long time to wait for its debut since the new 911 Turbo and GT3 haven't even been revealed yet, details of the new hardcore model have emerged during an interview with 911 product line chief August Achleitner published by Australia's Wheels.

Speaking at the launch of the Carrera S, Achleitner confirmed the new GT3 RS will stick with the current model's successful formula: rear-wheel drive, a lightweight body and a naturally-aspirated engine revving up to 9000 rpm and beyond. Yes, that means the new GT3 RS won't be turbocharged, contrary to previous reports.

According to Achleitner, the new GT3 RS will utilize a slightly larger version of the current car's legendary naturally aspirated six-cylinder unit. "It could get a small increase," he said. However, he added that any capacity increases would be minor and are unlikely to change the 4.0-liter capacity of the current GT3 RS. This should result in a minor power bump over the current model, however, which pumps out 520 horsepower. One option could be the 4000cc engine from the Porsche 911GT3 R racer, as Achleitner confirmed the RS engine development will be closely linked to the race car.

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While the new Carrera S is offered with a new eight-speed automatic transmission, the new track-focused GT3 RS will retain its seven-speed PDK. A manual option will still be offered for the standard GT3, according to the publication.

The new GT3 RS is expected to be slightly lighter than the current model, which tips the scales at 3,153 pounds, and feature improved aerodynamics that will increase high-speed stability and cornering speeds. More tech will also be added to the interior, including a digital dashboard incorporating two seven-inch screens. Just don't expect it to break cover any time soon, considering that customer deliveries of the Carrera S and 4S haven't started yet.