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There's Good News For 2018's Most Beautiful Concept

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"We’re pursuing the concept you saw last year in a very, very serious manner."

Genesis currently makes one type of vehicle, and one type only: luxury sedans. But it's been showcasing an array of concepts over recent years – several of them with electric powertrains. And it's committed to bringing at least one of them to market.

"Normally in the automotive industry concept cars have a very short shelf life," Genesis chief Manfred Fitzgerald said to Motoring. "We don't treat them that way. We're still pursuing the one that you saw last year in a very, very serious manner and hopefully we'll make an announcement in due time."

So to which concept is Fitzgerald referring, exactly? Given the timeframe – "the one that you saw last year" – the signs would apparently point directly to the Essentia, the electric sports-car concept that Hyundai's luxury division showcased at the 2018 New York Auto Show. And if that's the case, we're glad that's the one Genesis is going with.

Billed as "the brand's initial concept for a true GT car," the Essentia draped a rather stunning two-door coupe design over a carbon monocoque chassis, with an unspecified "multi-motor electric powertrain" and a "high-density battery pack."

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After the Essentia (or some production derivative thereof), Fitzgerald also wants to see the Mint concept unveiled at the same show this year reach Genesis dealers as well. The Mint is a much smaller vehicle, designed as an urban commuter with spritely dimensions but a no less upscale approach. "I will fight to the very end to have this car into production and have it as you're seeing it right now on the road," he said. "I think this is an invention of a new typology of vehicle and I think that's something that will resonate with people out there."