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There's Good News For Ram 1500 Classic Fans


It's not going away in a hurry and an update could be on the horizon.

The previous generation Ram 1500 lives on as a lower-priced option in the form of the 1500 Classic. It still sells well, provides excellent value for money to customers, and bolsters Ram's truck sales. It's a win-win-win situation and, according to MotorTrend, Ram's CEO Mike Manley told investors on the second-quarter earnings call that while the previous generation model makes business sense, there's no plan to discontinue production. Manley also suggested it might even get an update.

There are no firm details yet on any actual update, but that's still excellent news for customers looking for an entry-level new truck. The new Ram may boast a host of upgrades and better fuel economy at its $33,440 starting price, but the 1500 Classic delivers the basics competently and starts at $27,645 and is still available in Big Horn and Warlock trim.

All versions of the Ram are built across three facilities, and Manley said that, due to Rams steady growth of truck sales, Warren Truck Assembly in Michigan will keep making the Classic as a safety valve while also adding the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer to its roster.

Manley explains: "If I look at overall volume demand today and the three sources that we have, even though it is true that the combined volume of those three sources is slightly in excess of what I would call today's forward-looking demand, we seem to be growing at a relatively good pace so I think keeping flexibility going forward is important."

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Manley wasn't quite so clear on the possible updates to the Ram 1500 Classic though, but the hint os not subtle when he says: "Which means if we make changes to the Classic, it may well stay as a Classic but updated Classic, if you know what I mean."