There's Good News For The Future Porsche Supercar Everyone Wants To Happen

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Time to kick things up a notch.

Porsche executives, it must be said, don't mess around. If CEO Matthias Muller says a new model is happening, then it'll happen. And this is why what you're about to read is very good news. In a recent investor meeting at Porsche's Stuttgart HQ, Muller discussed upcoming production plans, stating that a seventh model will be added to the lineup by 2020. Now, we've heard rumors that Porsche is working on both a new sedan slotted below the Panamera as well as a Tesla Model S fighter.

In addition, a new supercar above the 911 Turbo S is also in the works, and that's what could come to market in 2017. As we previously reported, it'll likely be a luxury GT powered by a mid- or rear-mounted flat-eight engine. Yes, this could be the spiritual successor to the 944, and it having nearly 600 horsepower is entirely possible. Why? Because engineers want a turbocharger for every two-cylinders. Combined with all-wheel drive and a $200,000 base price, and you've got something that's just aching to take on the likes of the Ferrari 488 GTB. For the record, this new model won't be the direct successor to the 918 Spyder. That car isn't due to for some time, but Porsche is anxious to enter a new segment that it feels it's missing out on.

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