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There’s More Than One Ferrari 812 Superfast Limited Edition Coming?

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The first debut is expected later this month.

We learned last month that on September 17 Ferrari will reportedly reveal a new special edition 812 Superfast. It's rumored to be a hardcore variant called the 812 Monza, but nothing can be confirmed just yet. According to The Drive, via multiple users on the Ferrari owner's Ferrari Chat forum, at least two more 812 special editions are also planned. Let's start with the 812 Monza as a quick reminder: it's said to be a hardcore 812 Superfast with even greater performance capabilities. One of the forum's users claims it will feature a speedster body without a top and minute windshield. Only 200 examples are planned.

Ferrari, of course, will hand pick buyers. Another possibility regarding the 812 Monza is that it will pay homage to the 250 Testa Rossa and feature "pontoon" fenders. The price tag will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $800,000 to $2.5 million. Quite a big gap, we know, but again, this information is coming from multiple sources, all of whom claim to know the truth. We'll see.

As for the other two 812 Superfast special editions, one will likely be an Aperta with a removable Targa roof panel while the third will be whatever the 812 Monza is not, meaning either a hardcore or tribute version. Even the supercar's official name is being debated.

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While several users claim it will be called the 812 Monza, a few others believe it will be 812 MM, a tribute to "Mille Miglia." Whatever ultimately materializes, all special editions will be extremely limited in build numbers and offered only to Ferrari's best and most loyal clients. At least some answers will arrive on September 17, only a couple of weeks away.