There's No Better Way To Start Your Day Than With This Ferrari F40 Burnout

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Happy Sunday, everyone.

It might just be one of the greatest supercars of all time. No coincidence that it's a Ferrari, and the F40 still makes us all giddy whenever we see one. Oh wait, hang on. That's right. The Ferrari F40 is so incredibly rare that the chances of actually catching one live in the flesh isn't so great. But we'll do the best we can to help make up for that, and this video is a pretty good start. Valued at one million euros, this Ferrari F40 was filmed doing a burnout on the streets of Monaco, and it's absolutely glorious.

Yep. Monaco. Go there and you'll see supercars of this caliber on a regular basis. So happy Sunday, everyone. We hope this F40 burnout video will be the best way to wrap up your weekend and get your upcoming work week off to a good start.


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