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There's Nothing Ford Can Do About This GT For Sale

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Supercar being sold for the fourth time.

John Cena's Ford GT is being put up for sale once again less than two months after it sold for $1.4 million at an auction during Monterey Car Week.

Listed as lot S69 at Mecum's upcoming October auction in Dallas, Texas, it will be the third time the car has changed hands after Cena took delivery. The 647-hp Liquid Blue supercar is chassis number 77 which matches the birth year of the former WWE superstar.

Ford previously sued Cena in late 2017 over allegations that he had re-sold the car shortly after taking delivery, something which was strictly forbidden for a two-year period by a binding legal document Ford asked buyers to sign before purchase.

Ford and Cena settled the suit in June, and it was determined that the car is free to be openly traded on the used market, which means this could be one of the most storied Ford GTs even before the original two-year period is up.

Unfortunately, owners of Cena's former GT seem set on using it for investment purposes; the car has only accumulated 626 miles in the last year.

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It was thought that Cena's GT was the only one that had become clear of litigation, but it turns out there's another car that's been freed from Ford's shackles. There was a silver GT that was given the green light by a judge to proceed for sale at a Mecum auction held in May, the seller was already the car's second owner so the court ruled that Ford had zero jurisdiction over what the second owner does with the vehicle. That car ended up selling for $1.8 million, well above its $450,000 retail price, before being sold a third time at Mecum's Monterey Car Week auction, though it's unclear if the car was sold or not.