There's Nothing Like A Lamborghini Miura Blazing Through Snow

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Chances are you haven't seen this before.

You'd have to be pretty nuts to drive a Lamborghini Miura in any sort of nasty weather, especially snow. The chances of something going wrong and damaging the car, never mind your own welfare, are just too great. But's let speak hypothetically here. How would the Miura, one of the most beautiful cars ever made, handle in snowy weather conditions? As always, it depends on the tires. As it turns out, one owner was crazy enough to swap out the summer rubber for winter shoes and take his Miura on a winter wonderland experience, so to speak.

That owner was the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who was later thrown from power in 1979 and later died in exile in Egypt. Combined with winter tires and snowy, but not too snowy roads, the Miura actually does just fine.

In fact, it does more than fine as it continues to prove itself on a hillside ski resort. Having an experienced driver at the wheel also helps. And if you need proof of the Miura's winter driving capabilities, just watch the video here, brilliantly shot on location in Italy by VirusTornado. It's impossible not to see the orange Miura literally blaze through all of that white powder.

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