There's Only One Way Pagani Will Keep Building Zondas

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And Huayras, too.

The Pagani Zonda Barchetta was the final Zonda. Supposedly. Launched in 1999, the Zonda hypercar has very much surpassed its retirement age despite its legendary status. Even its successor, the Huayra, will soon be retired. This does not mean, however, that Pagani will ever stop "building" Zondas and Huayras. Speaking at length to Top Gear, Horacio Pagani admitted that both hypercars could be built forever, but his definition of "built" is different from what you might think at first. Does this mean more one-offs are planned?

"On existing Zondas, if a customer asks, we can do it. But only modifying an existing chassis," Pagani stated. "One of the latest trends is customers asking for one of the very first original Zonda chassis, to perform some modifications on – and then buying another one to fit their own tastes." In short, Pagani will modify existing chassis to the extent of nearly building a whole new car, but no new chassis will be built from scratch. Same deal for the Huayra.


"Right now, a customer who owns one of the very first Huayras has been asking to do some special additions, modifying it. We will deliver that in May 2019. I mean, we're talking about modifications which can cost $1million, not just a few hundreds or thousands. It's effectively a new car – and er, very expensive."

Many current Pagani customers have begun making such requests, and Mr. Pagani sees this trend continuing for years to come. Old Zondas and Huayras could be reborn over and over again, assuming owners have the funds to do so. Pagani will always oblige such requests. If you're wondering whether Pagani prefers the Zonda or Huayra, well, he had this to say:

"It's impossible to choose between two children! I feel extremely linked to the Zonda. It has special meaning. It was desired and suffered for, because it represented the beginning of all of this, all of Pagani. It's like having a son after being told it's impossible for you to have children. It's something I achieved with a very low budget, so it's extremely important in my life."

As for its successor, "in terms of engineering quality and R&D, the Huayra goes beyond. The project was developed with a higher budget, and allowed me to fully express myself with detailing, aesthetics, design of every part and the engineering of the car. The Huayra Roadster is better than anything we've done so far, due to the weight: the first roadster to be lighter than the coupe."

Horacio Pagani is currently 63 years old, and there's no question his two iconic hypercars (and their eventual successors) will live on and achieve new life beyond his eventual retirement. He's currently assembling a hand-picked team that will oversee his company whenever he decides its time to retire.

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