There's Still a Chance For a New Subaru WRX Hatchback


But you can forget about it for the WRX STI.

The new 2015 Subaru WRX was launched not long ago, but only as a sedan. The hatchback version available in the previous generation was discontinued. This was an interesting move on Subaru's part because half of previous WRX buyers opted for the five-door. However, WRX Project Manager, Masuo Takatsu, recently said that his company hasn't completely ruled out a hatch. "We received strong interest in the US, where the hatchback was 50 percent (of sales), so we're now considering."

North America just also so happens to be the world's largest WRX market, after which is Japan, followed by Australia. In the latter, for example, just 15 percent of previous WRX sales were hatchbacks. What's been made clear, however, is that Subaru currently has no plans to offer a new WRX STI hatchback. No specific timeframe was given as to when a decision regarding a five-door WRX will be made, but we're guessing Subaru is just sitting back at the moment to observe feedback and sales of the new sedan before anything else happens.

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