There's Still Some Hope Left For The Volkswagen Golf SportWagen


We need Canada to help save it.

The Volkswagen Group has made some major announcements over the past several days. We were first alerted that the next-generation Volkswagen Golf wouldn't be coming to the United States in its base form. Then Audi announced the death of the TT, which would later be replaced by an electric sports car. And now, Audi brand head Bram Schot has talked to Automotive News about further changes the company will make to its model lineup as it shifts towards electric cars. Along with the TT, Schot says there is a good chance the R8 will also be replaced with an all-electric model as Audi introduces 30 models with electrified powertrains, including 20 fully electric models, by 2025. "In the medium term, we want to have the strongest range of electric models among premium competitors," Schot said.

So far the A8 was also tossed out as a potential candidate to go all-electric, and while Audi has been announcing electrification plans, the VW brand has also been making lineup announcements based on its electrified future. We were already sure the base Golf and Golf SportWagen would not come to the US, though VW still planned to sell the GTI and R models. But plans may still change if VW Canada is able to make a business case for it. The base Golf is Canada's best-selling VW model, and if the local division is able to make a case, the Golf may still come to the US.

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The potential for the next-generation Golf and Golf SportWagen coming to the US seems slim, but not set in stone. Hatchback and wagon sales have been dwindling as SUVs and crossovers gain popularity but perhaps our friends up North may be able to convince VW to keep offering them. Once again, we turn to Canada to help save the wagon.