There Should Be Jail Time For The Guy Who Did This To A Lamborghini Diablo

Really, toss him in the slammer.

We were outright shocked to see this, and it’s pretty damn painful. This Lamborghini Diablo, one of our favorite supercars of the 1990s, has been ruined. How so? It’s owner painted it florescent pink, literally the color preferred by 9-year-old girls everywhere. It doesn’t end there. Watch it closely as it drives by and you’ll notice gold body panels around the vents and engine cover. And–holy crap balls–are those 80s Ferrari-style vents above the headlights?! Is that track lighting on the lower front and rear bumpers?

It seems appropriate that its owner/driver would be wearing a shirt with what’s essentially a wall paper pattern. The footage was apparently taken a couple years back at the Lamborghini 50th anniversary rally in Milan, Italy. How they hell did they let this guy in?

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