There Will Be More Mad Max Movies But Not Any Time Soon

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George Miller reveals why he's taking a break from the series.

When "Mad Max: Fury Road" hit the big screen earlier this year, everyone went wild. There were crazy explosions, non-stop car chases, basically everything that makes an awesome action movie. If you were one of the people who enjoyed the epic film, we have some good news for you. "Fury Road" director George Miller told Top Gear that two more Mad Max films are on the way. Strangely, Miller said he wants to make a film that is "a little less…frenetic" without any special effects before he starts filming for the next "Mad Max" installment.

We're not sure why he wants the break but he did say it was tough for him and his crew filming to film massive action scenes in the heat and desert dust for eight months. Nonetheless, the plan is to make two more films and both have the green light. The only thing left to do now is sit and wait...and re-watch "Fury Road" a hundred or so times.

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