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There Will Be No 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

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This bad boy is a one model year only deal.

Dodge apparently was not joking when it announced its Challenger SRT Demon would be limited to just 3,300 examples. Some may have hoped that output is for 2018 only and maybe, just maybe, a 2019 Demon would happen. The answer 'no.' The news has been confirmed by Allpar.com who, despite hearing a few whispers from some of its dealership sources, Dodge still has no plans for a 2019 Demon, despite the lack of an announcement for its 2019 model lineup. So how can the news be confirmed in this case?

Take the words of Dodge boss Tim Kuniskis himself during an interview with the publication. "2018 only, one-and-done. The people who sit back and wait for next year are going to miss out." This was not the only time he said this to various media outlets, so it's not like there's anything to hide. But what if Dodge were to change its mind? Unlikely, and here's why: it would likely face lawsuits from current Demon owners for false advertising and being liable for their cars' lost values. Fortunately, not all is lost. There are traces of the Challenger Demon in two other FCA vehicles, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody and the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

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The former, obviously, received the Demon's widebody kit while the SUV has the Demon's Torque Reserve system. There are also rumors Dodge is working on yet another all-powerful Hellcat with the Demon's supercharged V8 engine. Dodge is fully aware there are plenty of customers out there who missed out on the Demon, so why not please them with something else that's also outright nuts. For example, it's possible a 2019 or 2020 Challenger Hellcat could benefit from the Demon's intercooler chiller system as well as that Torque Reserve system. It wouldn't have all of the Demon's components and nor would it be so drag race-focused.

But adding another 100 or so hp on top of the Hellcat's 707 ponies is probably very doable. If you recall, last July we heard that Dodge trademarked the name "Angel" for a future model with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. So don't let some dealership sales person tell you a 2019 Demon is possible because it's not.