There Will Be No Off-Road Range Rover SVX Coupe

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Or a performance focused SVR variant for that matter.

Last week at Geneva, Land Rover unveiled its Range Rover SV Coupe, a stunning two-door SUV with a limited production run of just 999 examples. It's not just some slicing the rear doors off type of job, but rather nearly all of its body panels are new. Each example will be hand-built at the SVO Technical Center in Warwickshire. Consider the SV Coupe as bespoke luxury and no two examples will be identical. Each will be built to its buyer's specifications.

But considering the amount of time and money invested in this project, does Land Rover have plans to make a further return on its investment with a more off-road focused variant? Nope. Last week at Geneva we spoke with SV Coupe design chief Richard Woolley and Managing Director of the Special Operations Division John Edwards and asked about future two-door Range Rovers. After all, the original 1970 Range Rover was a two-door. "No, the SV Coupe will remain at the high luxury end of the spectrum," Woolley said. "SV is about luxury while SVR is performance. SVX is about capability."

We were introduced to the Discovery SVX at Frankfurt last September, so Land Rover clearly has not forgotten its off-roading roots. However, it's also become very much a premium luxury brand and it has to cater to a certain audience, hence the range of SV, SVR, and SVX. But Edwards added something quite interesting to our conversation: "The designers not only come up with the idea, but they also design it and then show it to the CEO," Edwards said. "But it's my job to see if what's feasible, which are affordable. These designers (Woolley's team) do nothing all day but come up with ideas. Do we have other ideas based on coupes? Yeah, but we have lots of other ideas as well. This (the SV Coupe) is our flagship right now."

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