There Won't Be AMG Versions of Any New Mercedes-Maybach Models

No cross-badging will take place here.

Mercedes-Benz is in the midst of expanding its product portfolio with the launch, or rather re-launch, of its Maybach brand. Now branded Mercedes-Maybach (the new S600), the goal is once again to target Bentley and Rolls-Royce with an uber luxurious version of the S-Class. Sound familiar? Well, it kind of is, only now Maybach is an official sub-brand of Mercedes, and not a standalone one. At the same time, AMG is now officially being called Mercedes-AMG, it too becoming a sub-brand.

So now some are wondering whether Mercedes will combine these specialty brands into one. Will there ever be a Mercedes-AMG-Maybach? Don’t count on it. The UK’s Car Magazine spoke to the director of development for the S-Class who confirmed that "the badges would remain separate." Obviously the aftermarket industry will very likely take the opportunity to "AMG-ify" the new Mercedes-Maybach S600. There’s always somebody out there willing to pay. But from Mercedes’ point of view, a combo AMG-Maybach model doesn’t make sense. Each sub-brand simply appeals to different types of buyers.

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