There's A Lane At Texas-Mexico Border Just For Tesla

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How this gets used remains a mystery.

Tesla continues to remain a presence in our daily news cycle for all sorts of reasons, whether it's the delayed Cybertruck, or mysterious layoffs. Tesla famously doesn't have its own marketing department so it's up to Elon's Twitter feed to resolve the company issues at hand.

But this latest bit of Tesla news is quite unusual. A Bloomberg report notes something odd about the border sign located at a US-Mexico border-crossing located in Texas.

After moving the Silicon Valley global headquarters to Austin, Texas, Tesla had reportedly struck a deal with officials in the Nuevo Leon region to have its own car lane.

"It was a simple incentive. What we want is a crossing that's much more expedited and efficient," says Ivan Rivas, the economy minister of Nuevo Leon.

Corporation for the Development of the Border Zone of Nuevo Leon (CODEFRONT)

Nuevo Leon is one of the most pro-business states in Mexico. One of the terms in this deal is to support Tesla and its six suppliers located across the border.

Rivas doesn't elaborate further on how the crossing will get used. It's not clear the rules of utilizing the Tesla lane, how vehicles are processed, or if even Tesla-driving members of the public can cross it.

But there seems to be an upside. The economy minister predicts that between 5-7% of state investments will be related to EVs, compared to zero before 2021.

So there's a possibility that Musk won't be in lone competition for this sector. Rivas says "maybe there will be a lane for other companies in the future like there is for Tesla."

With the Cadillac Lyriq amongst the hottest new members to join the EV fray, it would make sense for GM and other OEMs to have Nuevo Leon open more lanes as demand increases.

So what could Tesla be up to here? Preparing for production of the new Cybertruck? Beyond an economic standpoint, there's no question that a mystery looms around this lane at one of Texas's least popular border checkpoints. In other words, it's another day for us to question what Tesla is about to do next.

Source Credits: Bloomberg

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