There's A MAJOR Ford Mustang Mach-E Update Coming

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Consider it an early Christmas present.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is still relatively new to the market but it's already making some big waves. During our own recent test drive experience, we came away very impressed. It's not perfect but thanks to over-the-air updates, Ford can gradually improve things and fix bugs as needed. And speaking of which, a major OTA update is supposedly happening in the coming few months, according to Inside EVs.

Speaking to Ford General Manager for Electric Vehicles, Darren Palmer, it was revealed that a vital fast charging update is scheduled to happen sometime this winter. How significant? The report claims Ford aims to improve the fast charging cap which is currently at 80 percent State of Charge, limiting power to around 12 kW.

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Palmer hinted the fast charging will soon continue at a high speed up to around 90 percent. The reason why this wasn't done earlier is that the Blue Oval is still learning about a lot of real-world driving scenarios from its first-ever EV from the ground up. The company was right to be conservative regarding fast charging in order to guarantee the battery will maintain 70 percent of its initial capacity after eight years, aka the warranty period.

Now that some time has passed, Ford is not only more confident in the technology but also wants to improve things for owners. Expect this software update to benefit things like the charging curve and possibly even the battery temperature.

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Another potential update, though it's not expected to be part of this winter's package, is the ability for a Mach-E using a DC fast charger to charge at a higher rate. A majority of Mach-E owners reportedly prefer home charging, but charging station updates are always welcomed.

Ford's goal, like that of any manufacturer with an EV on the market capable of OTAs, is to continue improving performance and charging times while still managing to prevent battery degradation. Ford has not given a specific date for this big OTA, but it could arrive in time for Christmas, if not shortly thereafter.

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Source Credits: Inside EVs

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