There's A Potential Major Problem With A Bunch Of McLarens

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McLaren owners need to read this.

According to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, McLaren has issued a recall for a total of 2,763 of its vehicles in the US, including the McLaren Senna hypercar. All examples were built between 2016 and 2020.

The exact problem involves a foam pad located underneath the fuel tank. Apparently, it can absorb water which could lead to fuel tank corrosion that could later result in a fuel leak and, possibly, a fire. The affected vehicles include the 2017 to 2019 McLaren 570GT, 2016 to 2020 McLaren 720S, 2020 McLaren GT, and the 2020 McLaren Senna.

2019 McLaren Senna Front View Driving McLaren
2019 McLaren Senna Side View McLaren
2019 McLaren Senna Rear View Driving McLaren

McLaren says it will replace the foam pad and the fuel tank if there's corrosion. However, the automaker says the repair for the GT has yet to be finalized. As for the Senna, just 157 examples are involved but the figure is much higher for the 720S at 2,008 examples. A total of 225 GTs and 573 570GTs round out the total.

This problem was originally discovered in Latvia in January 2019 when a 570GT owner claimed he could smell fuel coming from the car. The local McLaren dealer replaced the fuel tank and then sent the old tank to McLaren engineers in the UK who in turn forwarded it to the supplier for further investigation. The following May, the supplier determined the corrosion issue. However, the 570GT in question had been a press vehicle, meaning it had more wear and tear than the typical customer car, but McLaren decided to monitor the situation.

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2017-2019 McLaren 570GT Rear Angle View McLaren
2017-2019 McLaren 570GT Front Angle View McLaren
2017-2019 McLaren 570GT Side View McLaren

This past February, another 570GT owner, this time in the UK, informed their dealer they too smelled fuel. Again, the tank was replaced and the old one sent to McLaren where engineers zoomed in on the foam pad as the potential source. Earlier this month, McLaren made the decision to issue the voluntary recall.

As of now, McLaren is unaware of any other vehicles affected by the defective foam pad but owners are encouraged to check the NHTSA website to see if their car requires a trip to the dealer.

2017-2020 McLaren 720S Rear View Driving McLaren
2017-2020 McLaren 720S Front Angle View McLaren
Front View Driving McLaren
Rear View Driving McLaren
Source Credits: NHTSA

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