There's Another Annoying Ford Bronco Problem

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Let's face it: this SUV is very popular.

The Ford Bronco is without a doubt one of the most exciting models to come out of Dearborn, Michigan in a long time. It has proven to be so popular that Ford has had a hard time keeping up with orders. In fact, demand has been so high that Ford recently had to stop accepting reservations. The Blue Oval recently opened the order books for the 2022 Bronco, but there are some that will have to wait up to two years for their SUVs to arrive.

Just when we thought things had settled down, there's more annoying news: the company has stopped taking reservations. Again.

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This was confirmed to Cars Direct which was told that "you configure a Bronco on and then contact a dealer to place an order." In other words, no more online reservations for now. Ford is so serious about its Bronco backlog that it has even stopped customers from building 2021 models on its website. They are instead being directed to the 2022 model which has a price increase of $800. According to the Ford website, all unscheduled 2021 orders will now have to be converted to a 2022 model directly through a dealer.

If things remain on schedule, 2022 models will go into production by the end of the year. This has compounded the issues facing the two and four-door Broncos, which has been affected by the global logistical slowdown and chip shortage.

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On its website, Ford states: "Due to the high number of Bronco 2 and 4-door orders, Bronco deliveries will extend through the 2022 calendar year."

While Ford tries to fight one dumpster fire, more seem to be smoking on the horizon. The company is getting ready to release the hardcore Bronco Raptor soon, which will see yet another explosion in orders. Let's not even mention the Everglades trim and the Heritage Edition. When demand outstrips supply that's usually a good thing for manufacturers, but this is getting ridiculous. Ford needs to find solutions fast in order to preserve its good brand image.

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