There's Been Another Devastating Corvette Accident

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This one is truly painful.

Just because one has the money to buy a high-performance sports car like the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray doesn't mean they can drive it to the extreme. Knowing how to properly handle these powerful vehicles is a skill that must be learned from a professional. Practice is then required, preferably on a race track or some other closed course. That'd be the responsible thing to do. Those who don't invest in lessons or fail to drive carefully could pay a huge price. That's exactly what happened to the owner of this once stunning Slime Green C8 Corvette.

Purchased brand new not long ago, the Mantua Township Fire Department in New Jersey has posted photos on its Facebook showing the dramatic aftermath of a serious crash.


The car is dead, no question about it. It's beyond totaled. The incident took place just a few days ago during the middle of the night. Emergency responders received reports of the crash and arrived to find the Corvette's engine on fire and its two occupants trapped inside. Amazingly, both suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Fire crews worked fast to extinguish the flames before anything worse could happen.

There's been no reported use of drugs or alcohol but an investigation is currently underway to determine what exactly happened. If we had to take a guess, it seems the driver was way overconfident in their driving abilities and took a turn way too fast and lost control. It was must have been a horrid sight to see.

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Mantua Township Fire Department/Facebook
Mantua Township Fire Department/Facebook

As you can see, the car split into two. We don't know if the engine was ejected (doubtful) but it appears top-notch safety engineering on Chevrolet's part paid off big time. Not only did the occupants survive in one piece, but the rear engine section seems to have separated from the rest of the vehicle upon impact.

Engineers intended for this to happen so in the case of a serious crash resulting in an engine fire, the burning fuel and flames are (hopefully) kept away from the occupants. The car itself is supposed to be the only fatality. That's exactly what happened here and kudos goes to those engineers for savings these people's lives.

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