There's Fantastic News About The Autobahn

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We can all sleep better (for now).

Some troubling news was first reported a few months ago regarding Germany's famed Autobahn. This highway system is famous for mainly one thing: a lack of speed limits in certain sections. However, some members of the German government were reportedly in favor of setting a new national speed limit due to environmental concerns caused by excessive vehicle emissions. Last January, this matter was brought up for a vote in the German parliament but it was not passed. Members of the Green party gave it another go last week and – sigh of relief! – it was shut down yet again, according to

The Green party had been pushing to reduce the entire highway network's maximum speed to 130 kph, or about 80 mph. Fortunately, a total of 498 MPs rejected the Green motion, but 126 were in favor. Another seven abstained. The political right and center-right parties all rejected the bill and the vast majority of the conservative parties and center-left Social Democrats also voted against it. Even Germany's Transportation Minister previously stated that the idea of imposing speed limits "defies all common sense."

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All very good news, indeed. However, governments and priorities change. While this matter has seemingly been tabled for now, chances are it will come up again soon or later. The Green party is not only pushing for speed limits for environmental reasons, but also safety concerns. "Anyone who wants to make motorways safer and traffic flow more smoothly must introduce a speed limit," Green parliamentary party leader Anton Hofreiter said before the vote. A majority of German citizens are also not in favor of speed limits.

But what Germany's auto industry is currently doing to help lower emissions is launching all-new electric vehicles into the market.

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Volkswagen has just unveiled its ID.3 while Porsche has done the same with its Taycan. Audi already sells the e-tron SUV and the e-tron GT is on its way shortly. These vehicles are only the beginning. Even with an all-electric powertrain, the Porsche Taycan promises to deliver lots of horsepower and instant torque, the latter a trademark all EVs share. Who wouldn't want to hit the Taycan's accelerator and blast down the Autobahn? One can still go fast and be environmentally friendly all at once.

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