There's Good News For Ford Bronco Fans In Europe

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Ford's CEO thinks it's a good idea.

The Ford Bronco has been a massive success for the Blue Oval brand, with demand surpassing supply by a long way. But its availability is currently limited to the USA, and European fans have been left out in the cold. That could change, though. In a recent interview with Auto Express, Ford's CEO stated that the all-new Bronco would absolutely work in Europe.

Jim Farley added that he saw many Defenders around and that he's just waiting for Ford Europe to make up its mind. It's not the first time this question has been asked. In 2019 Ford filed the trademark for the Bronco name at the EU's intellectual property office. But in August last year, a German spokesperson for Ford stated that there were no plans to introduce it in Europe.

Farley does have a point. The Europeans are pretty fond of off-roaders, just like everywhere else in the world. And considering the Bronco is essentially a half-price Defender, it should do exceedingly well. Ford also has a significant presence in Europe, so sales and servicing shouldn't be a problem.

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We don't see it happening, however. The main reasons the Bronco won't be crossing the pond aren't hard to figure out.

First, Ford currently has massive supply issues. The automaker received more orders than expected and is struggling to fulfill demand. It got so bad that the online reservation portal was switched off. In a recent statement, Ford said that it would struggle to meet demand through 2022 before things settle down. The first batch of owners also complained about the removable top's poor build quality, and Ford thought it best to replace the roof rather than try and fix it. All of this is in addition to the ongoing semiconductor shortage.

Ford will obviously fill the demand for the Bronco locally before even thinking about shipping it elsewhere. It's no secret the Bronco was explicitly designed for North America. In short, we get first dibs.

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Secondly, sending it across to the UK will require extensive changes to the car. The UK's emission standards are notoriously tricky, and neither of the Bronco engines currently meet the demands. The Brits also drive on the wrong side of the road, which means the steering wheel needs to move to the other side of the car. It sounds like a simple task, but moving the steering wheel is a tough job. The entire center console has to be redesigned, not to mention the layout of components in the engine bay.

If the Bronco does indeed cross over to the old country, it won't be anytime soon. Demand for the Bronco is insane right now, with some Ford dealers resorting to dastardly deeds to make the most out of the current situation. Somebody out there paid $126,500 for a First Edition Bronco, which is double the price.

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