There's Great News About Ford's Limited Bronco First Edition

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Ford has decided to up its First Edition Bronco production numbers.

The reveal of Ford's all-new 2021 Bronco last week sent the internet atwitter, grabbing countless headlines and driving so much traffic to Ford's official Bronco website that, for at least some number of hours, it was impossible to place a reservation online. For the most enthused fans, Ford even planned an exclusive, limited-run First Edition Bronco with all the best components from the new model line, with a price tag hovering around $60k.

Unfortunately, as you may have heard, that First Edition model was fully reserved within hours of the 2021 Bronco's reveal, leaving many fans high and dry. But since then, Ford has had a change of heart.

Front-End View Ford
Front View Ford

In an email, Mike Levine, Ford's Product Communications Manager for North America, confirmed to CarBuzz that the automaker has decided to bump up its planned First Edition production run. He wrote that Ford has made "a one-time increase to the quantity of limited-edition First Edition models to 7,000 total," up from 3,500.

Levine attributed Ford's decision to "overwhelming demand" for the limited First Edition model, but noted that again, already, "reservations for the limited-edition First Edition 2- and 4-door Broncos are full." So, while Ford's decision to double its First Edition Bronco production brought another 3,500 lucky customers into the fold, if you were hoping to now get in on the action, you might be out of luck.

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We say "might be" largely because a reservation is not the same thing as a sale, and since reserving a 2021 Ford Bronco requires only a $100 refundable deposit, there will inevitably be a large number of customers who ultimately back out of the sale, or change trim levels. Conceivably, this could free up some number of First Edition examples.

It's also likely that a large percentage of First Edition models ended up being reserved by dealers, not individual customers, so it's not out of the question that you could see one turn up on a dealer lot. But where there's hype, there are dealer markups. Keep an eye out for those.

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