There's Great News About Lamborghini's Aventador Successor

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It will get an all-new V12 and no turbos!

The Lamborghini Aventador has been constantly improved and refined over the years, and all of that fine-tuning has resulted in an epic finale with the LP 780-4 Ultimae. This will be Lamborghini's last-ever V12-powered car that has neither forced induction nor electric assistance. Its successor will be a hybrid and was always expected to prolong the life of the V12, but what we did not know is how. But thanks to an interview that Autoblog conducted with Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann, we now have more light to shine on the matter. According to the man, the Aventador's successor will get an all-new V12. But why?

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Winkelmann says that the Ultimae's output of 769 horsepower was "the best possible power output we could get" from the 6.5-liter V12, so a total redesign is necessary to adhere to both emissions protocols and power targets. "The technology is different, it's a completely new engine, a completely new drivetrain, a new battery, everything is completely new. There's nothing out of the Sian or out of the Aventador [in the Aventador's replacement]."

Winkelmann would not reveal how big the new V12 would be or how much power it will produce, but with the Aventador's successor gaining hybrid assistance, eclipsing 769 hp shouldn't be too difficult.

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While the engine will be entirely new, other things will remain familiar. Expect lots of carbon fiber, active aero, and an all-wheel drive system along with four-wheel steering. Fortunately, the car will once again scoff at turbocharging because of the added weight, so we can still expect a sonorous noise. While Lamborghini works towards its next range-topping supercar, other special editions are expected in the next few years to keep us excited: "You have to always give the maximum to succeed in the market. The effort is never enough," said Winkelmann. "You have to start working when the others stop. This is one of the things [that are] part of Lamborghini's way of thinking."

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Source Credits: Autoblog

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