There's Great News About The Pagani Huayra Successor

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This will delight everyone. Trust us.

As the era of the Huayra comes to an end, what will Pagani do next? An all-electric hypercar? Not just yet, but it's coming by 2025, as Horacio Pagani himself confirmed last year. But what will happen between now and then? For starters, Pagani will finish building the second half of the sold-out Huayra Roadster, a vehicle first shown in 2017. Only 100 examples are planned. The Huayra Roadster BC, a lighter and more powerful version, is limited to just 40 units. And yes, all were sold even before production begins. Pagani builds around 45 vehicles a year, so this brings us to 2021, the year the Huayra's still unnamed successor will be unveiled.

Currently codenamed C10, this new hypercar will be built by an updated version of the AMG-built, twin-turbo V12 used for the Roadster BC. Expect the same 791 horsepower and 774 lb-ft of torque. But according to Motor Trend, there will also be a manual transmission option.

Front Angle View Pagani
Side View Pagani
Side View Pagani

A V12-manual pairing is nearly unheard of these days, but clearly this is not discouraging Pagani. The man previously stated that, at one point, everybody wanted dual-clutch transmissions, but "now the purists are saying that they want to go back to a manual because [an auto] lacks the emotion that you get changing gears yourself."

We already learned Pagani intends to offer a manual in the eventual EV hypercar, but why wait? Why not give some customers what they want in the Huayra's direct V12 successor? That's exactly what will happen.

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1999 Pagani Zonda Coupe Pagani
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Motor Trend also hints another reason why Pagani wants a manual option: investment value. As the owner of a Porsche 911R, Horacio Pagani is fully aware of when that car's value soared nearly four times beyond its $250,000 sticker price. Porsche misjudged purist manual demand and later responded (and to cool the market down) with the 911 GT3 Touring.

Pagani customers often times later sell their custom-built hypercars for any number of reasons only to find themselves later ordering a new one. Addictions are hard to fight. Opting for the manual will likely only increase the value of their multi-million dollar investment.

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Front Angle View Pagani
Rear View Pagani
Front View Pagani

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