There's Sad News About The 2021 Genesis G70 Facelift

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It's still on schedule, but...

There have been numerous reports coming in lately about the upcoming mid-life update for the already excellent Genesis G70. What we can confidently confirm is that this luxury sports sedan will receive updated exterior styling in line with the new Genesis G80 sedan and Genesis GV80 SUV. A number of interior enhancements are also in store, such as a larger touchscreen measuring 10.25-inches instead of the current 8-inch display. There's even a G70 shooting brake on its way, though it's expected to be sold in overseas markets only. But there's still one key thing Genesis continues to keep a tight lid on: engine updates.

Previous rumors indicated the possibility the G70 is set to receive the Smartstream 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a larger 3.5-liter V6, both turbocharged, to replace the current 2.0- and 3.3-liter engines. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be happening.


The Korean Car Blog claims it's learned from South Korean sources the 2021 Genesis G70 will keep its current engines, though some improvements are planned for each. These are likely to result in slightly higher outputs over the current 252 hp and 365 hp. An upgraded exhaust system is also probable.

What's interesting is that the G70's corporate cousin, the Kia Stinger, is not only also due for a refresh, but will be receiving those new and more powerful engines. Why not the G70? That's the new mystery. If we had to make a guess, one possible reason boils down to cost.

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The G70 is already a solid performance sedan and it more than holds its own against competitors like the BMW 3 Series. It's also a bargain compared to its German rivals and it's possible those new engines would have pushed its price tag too high.

Another possibility is to avoid further internal competition between the G70 and Stinger. The Stinger is already considered to be more of a niche player, and giving it more powerful engines could help improve its so far only so-so sales. Meanwhile, the G70 has been selling well enough.

Expect to see the refreshed 2021 G70 arrive sometime early next year.

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Source Credits: The Korean Car Blog

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