There's Sad News About Volkswagen's Slickest Model

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The Arteon isn't going anywhere, but...

The Volkswagen Arteon is, without question, one of the best-looking sedans on sale today. This four-door coupe has often been described as the "poor man's Porsche Panamera" for obvious design reasons, but there was one critical element it was missing: more power. And like the Panamera Sport Turismo, VW is also planning an Arteon wagon, although it'll be considered a shooting brake despite having four doors instead of two. But no matter, an Arteon Shooting Brake and horsepower-boosted Arteon R are exactly what we've been hoping to have.

Yes, they are coming but a new report from Car and Driver has confirmed our worst fears: neither are coming to the US. The report claims the shooting brake body style is destined for Europe and China while the Arteon R will also be Europe-bound. Other markets for the latter remain uncertain but the US isn't one of them. To make matters worse (at least for Americans), it'll come powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four rated at around 330 hp

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The Arteon currently on sale here also has a 2.0-liter turbo-four, but it produces 268 hp. However, earlier reports suggested VW was considering the idea of giving the Arteon R a turbocharged VR6 engine but that plan has since been shelved. But there is some good news for us Americans.

Come 2021, the Arteon is set to receive a number of upgrades, among them a new front fascia, unique grille, and a new rear bumper. There are also upgraded headlights and taillights. Inside, it will even feature the brand's latest infotainment system and new dashboard design, complete with advanced touchscreen displays. The existing turbo-four, however, will remain unchanged, though the optional all-wheel-drive system, dubbed 4Motion in VW-speak, will be improved for better performance and overall handling.

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As for the Arteon shooting brake, we still don't for sure whether it'll get the Arteon R's more powerful engine, but no matter; it's not US-bound. So are neither of these cool Arteon variants heading to our shores? The simple answer is that VW is no longer considered a premium brand here and both vehicles are certainly premium. VW has opted for the mainstream route in the US and there's nothing wrong with that, but there will be some sacrifices here and there.

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