These 10 Cars Have The Best Interiors For 2017

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We can vouch for several on this list.

Every year, Wards Auto ranks many things about the current crop of new cars on sale today, and now it's released its 10 Best Interiors for 2017. This is the seventh year for this list, and the selection criteria involved achievements in "aesthetics, comfort, ergonomics, material usage, fit-and-finish and user friendly electronics." Also important to note is the fact that price played absolutely no role in the final selections. The interiors were either all-new for this year, or heavily revised from last year.

All told, 31 car interiors were eligible for this year's survey, and, not all that surprisingly, a good chunk of the nominees came from luxury brands. However, not all of them made the final cut. In fact, Lexus is the only returning luxury brand from last year. For non-luxury brands, Honda and Mazda are the only previous winners to make this year's list. Seven brands are appearing here for the first time, a testament that interior quality improvement has become increasingly important in the auto industry as a whole. So we'll quit babbling now and reveal the list, which Ward's Auto published in alphabetical order, with the corresponding price.

Alfa Romeo Giulia ($50,490) Bentley Bentayga ($278,730) Buick LaCrosse ($50,270) Honda CR-V ($34,635) Lexus LC 500 ($102,995) Lincoln Continental ($72,870) Maserati Levante ($90,000) Mazda CX-9 ($45,855) Mini Countryman ($38,450) Subaru Impreza ($29,260)

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