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These 10 Cars Will Dominate Any Track Day

If you have the money, these are some of the best tracks toys around.

Track days arethe only place where you can really push your vehicle and yourself to the limit,legally of course. More and more drivers are heading to the track to reallyenjoy the full potential of their vehicles. If you have a large pile of moneysitting around and are looking for an all-out track vehicle, here are some ofthe best ones money can buy right now. Road & Track originally came up with the list, but we added a few of our favorite vehicles. See if you can spot the differences.

For all-out insanityon the track, here are the cars you want: Ariel Atom, BAC Mono, Chevrolet CamaroZ/28, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Radical RXC, Alfa Romeo 4C, Porsche Cayman GT4, Caterham620R, KTM XBOW and Ultima GTR/Evolution. While most of these cars are extremelyexpensive, you won’t have to sell any of your vital organs to get into them andthe majority of the cars that made the list can also be used on the road. Whatdo you think about the top 10? Are there any cars you would add or take off? Letus know in the comments below.

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