These 1987 Buick Grand Nationals Were Parked In A Garage For 30 Years

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And these guys found them.

There was a time, specifically in the 1980s, when the Buick Regal was rear-wheel-drive instead of front-wheel-drive, and a special skunkworks version of it kicked some serious ass. The Buick Grand National and GNX have become a prized possessions over the years, and many people bought them back in the day solely for investment purposes. The Grand National's turbocharged V6, which produced 245 hp and 355 lb-ft of torque, was quite impressive for the time, and the car itself still looks as badass as ever.

William Avila

Turns out that at least one of those investment buyers ended up purchasing two 1987 Grand Nationals, and stored them in a garage for 30 years, according to a report from Shawn Matthews and William Avila are a couple of Turbo Buick enthusiasts and over a very short period of time, heard about the pair of Grand Nationals in question. "Recently someone tagged me in a post about two 1986 Buick Grand Nationals in a small western Oklahoma town. I thought nothing of it, because the guy was asking nearly $200,000 for the two cars," said Avila.

"I eventually decided to call and found out that was willing to let me come take a myself and my best buddy, Shawn Mathews, decided to make the drive and see how flexible he was on price." Both cars were found to be parked in said garage, caked in dust and surrounded by loose leaves. Following a proper inspection, both were determined to be the real deal. One car only had 592 miles on its clock and still had that new car smell thanks to being kept shut all those years. The second car had just 807 miles and was a bit dirtier, but was overall in solid shape as well. A deal wasn't made on the spot, but a month or so later, "a fair and reasonable price" was agreed upon.

The $200k asking price was way too high, but it's great to know something was worked out and these two late-80s GM icons are now getting the love and care they rightly deserve. According to their new owners, both cars "will be perfect" by the time some minor restoration work is completed. Photos courtesy of GN/Type Central/Facebook

William Avila

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