These 4x4s Ain't Ever Coming to 'Murrica

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The fact that none of these 4x4s are sold in the US is something to shed a tear over.

Yes, you should be sad. None of the off-road 4x4s you're about to see and read about are coming to America. Due to new safety and emissions regulations, each of the these awesome SUVs can even be considered endangered in other global markets. In fact, one of these classic off-roaders was once sold in the US of A, but that's now a thing of the past. Want to see what we're all missing out on when hitting up some dirt trails? Read on.

The Land Rover Defender is a 4x4 we're all familiar with. It's the UK automaker's signature model for many enthusiasts. It hasn't been sold in the US since 1997, but it's time will more than likely be cut short overseas as well. Aside from its classic looks, it's the only Land Rover still in production that has a solid axle.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series can be found in Australia and New Zealand. It's ridiculously reliable and so solid it could even survive a missile attack. Power comes from a turbo-diesel V8 and can get through literally any rough terrain.

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Yes, you can easily head over to your local Jeep dealer and buy a Wrangler Rubicon. But can you get one with a diesel engine? Not in the US you can't. Although Chrysler has hinted a Wrangler diesel may happen in a few years, if you must have one now you'll need to move to Europe where the Rubicon diesel can be bought at any Jeep dealer.

Nissan may have just turned its US-spec Pathfinder from an SUV to a CUV, but in many overseas markets the Nissan Patrol is the SUV of choice. It's really popular in Australia and considered to be a worthy competitor to the likes of the Toyota Land Cruiser 70-Series. It's a bit cheaper than its Toyota rival and more comfortable to drive in the city. Plus, it boasts a diesel engine that returns respectable fuel economy.


The compact pickup truck segment is not what it used to be in the US, but in plenty of other global markets it's alive and kicking. And perhaps the Toyota Hilux is the best example of a tough compact pickup that's earned a deeply loyal following overseas. How loyal? It turns out the Hilux is the terrorist truck of choice for mounting machine guns and various other weapons in its bed. Not to mention the Hilux is fairly easy to repair. Terrorists even respect it. Seriously.

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