These 5 Car Brands Need A Face Transplant, STAT!

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Great cars? Yes. Front end design? Not so much.

Successfully creating and implementing a front-end design that (varying from one model to another) becomes the new brand face for an entire lineup is no easy task for any automotive design team. BMW, for example, has stuck with its signature twin kidney grille design for decades, and it'll never give it up. Most other brands, however, aren't in that position and every few years must come up with a new look. Sometimes that new front-end styling looks great. Other times, not so much. Here are five brands that really could use a face transplant.

Aston Martin

Dear Ford, Aston Martin called and it wants its front-end design back.

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Poor Acura. It's gone from that chrome mustache design to something that looks like it was styled by an eight-year-old with a ruler. We won't miss that mustache, but its flattened pentagon replacement is bland. Really, that's the best Acura designers could come up with?


Chevrolet's signature bowtie emblem isn't going anywhere and nor should it. But the trick is to find creative ways to integrate it into new front-end fascias. The latest result, perhaps best showcased on the new Malibu, looks like a Stormtrooper face. Just saying.


Wild theory here, but we're wondering if both Chevrolet and Lexus employ a few designers who are also hardcore Star Wars fans. While Chevy is the Stormtrooper, Lexus is all Darth Vader.

The Car Connection

Toyota isn't known for its great designs. Quite the opposite, in fact. "Conservative" is a better description, at least until recently. In an effort to add greater emotion to its cars, Toyota designers simply tried too hard. Just look at the front-end of the new Prius and Mirai. They didn't know when to lift the pen.

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