These 5 Lamborghinis Give No F***s About Weather Or Roads

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Watch these Lamborghinis dominate all types of terrain.

When most people think of Lamborghinis, they envision a supercar tearing down a track or sitting at a stoplight and making a ton of noise. That's a fair picture to paint, but not all Lamborghini owners are created equally. Some just have no f***s to give and drive their rides in all types of weather and terrain. These five videos here spotlight some of the most awesome Lamborghini drivers around. True, some of their actions may seem dumb, but remember that your story is only stupid if it ends with a repair bill.

The person behind the wheel of this Lamborghini Gallardo knows that sometimes the best way around a flooded street is to drive right through it. Okay, that's actually a pretty stupid and dangerous school of thought but in this situation it worked out and made for a badass video.

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Yeah, we know the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster has all-wheel drive. Still, does that mean it's capable of off-roading in the desert? Scratch that: Does that mean you should off-road it in the desert? For the price tag we say no. However, the person behind the wheel in this video obviously didn't agree. As a commenter said, "RIP air filters."

True, Lamborghini does host a winter driving school, but how many owners are ballsy enough to actually take their supercars out when the roads are covered in snow? We don't think many are up for it, which is partly what makes this video so awesome. Gallardos look equally at home in the snow as they do on the street.

We'll be the first to say that our definition of off-roading is a bit of stretch, at least with regard to this list. Still, this Huracan is technically driving through the sand and not on a road. That makes it an off-roader, right? Check this short clip out and let us know your call.

This video misses the "xtreme" mark by a mile but it's still an awesome idea. Who wouldn't want to skitch on the back on a Lamborghini Huracan? If the Winter X Games is ever looking to revitalize snowboarding or skiing, it might want to watch this video. Also, how many Lamborghini owners are up to play dog sled like this guy did? Probably not many.

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