These 5 Paint Colors Will Make An Aston Martin Even More Sexy

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Why go for silver when THESE colors are available?

Aston Martins are not meant to be the showiest cars on the planet. They are usually painted in some sort of silver or black. With a flashy car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, it makes sense to go for a wacky color like yellow or orange. But an Aston Martin is supposed to be more discrete and sophisticated. But what if you are feeling a bit silly and want to order an Aston Martin in a unique color. Luckily, the British carmaker has offered some amazing paint colors over the years and here are our top five.

When talking about a British car company, it is impossible to not mention British Racing Green. However, that is not the first paint color that we have put on the list. Aston Martin's Viridian Green is far more unique in our opinion. It is a sort of minty color that we really can't compare to anything else on the road.

The next color, or as the Brits would say, colour, is Sunburst Yellow. Aston Martin has offered other interesting yellows before, but the deep hue of Sunburst is our favorite. When you are used to seeing Aston Martins in black, silver, and white, a nice burst of yellow is a great way to shake things up. Aston Martin's Yellow Tang is also nice, but it is more pale and not as vibrant as Sunburst Yellow.

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Moving on from yellow, we have picked a more conservative color. If you want to be more unique than silver or black, but don't want to be as flashy as Sunburst Yellow, you should order Cobalt Blue. This color is not too "out there," but still gives the car a bit of flavor. Cobalt Blue is a very interesting color, but it is not our favorite blue from Aston Martin. That distinction has been saved for later on this list. That said, Cobalt Blue is lovely and looks good on a variety of Aston Martin models. You can also get away without people calling you a showoff, something our next color can't do.

Our next color choice is a bit more, lets just say, ostentatious. We fell in love with Aston Martin's Flame Orange on the DBS. When almost every DBS we saw was silver, white, or black, Flame Orange was the first color we ever saw the car in that wasn't boring. Sure, Aston Martins are meant to be elegant and sophisticated, but the DBS was a hardcore, faster version of the DB9. If you wanted a boring luxury car that showed of your exquisite taste, you should have bought a silver Mercedes E-Class. With a V-12 British sports car, you can afford to go outside of the box. Like Sunburst Yellow, Flame Orange is so different from the typical blend of silver, that we had to put it high on our list. Which color will take our number one spot?

We told you that Cobalt Blue was not our favorite blue on this list, and now you will finally see why. The number one color on this list is without a doubt Flugplatz Blue. This oddly named, but beautiful looking color is by far our favorite from Aston Martin. Flugplatz Blue is a complete show stopper. There may be other vibrant car colors, but this paint holds the record for most broken necks from people turning too fast to look at it. Just try to drive an Aston Martin in this color in New York or Los Angeles. We guarantee that you would get less attention wearing a solid gold suit to a wedding! Let us know if you agree. Which Aston Martin color is your favorite?

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