These 5 Videos Prove That Camaros And Corvettes Also Wipe Out At Cars & Coffee

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Ford fans, this one's for you.

A few months ago a CarBuzz investigation brought a shocking story to the world: The Ford Mustang is really good at crashing during Cars & Coffee events. This revelation sent shockwaves through the Internet, with the Mustang becoming a meme overnight. Okay, so we didn't exactly start the crashed Cars & Coffee Mustang meme but we did throw fuel on the fire. This flame has continued to burn bright, much to the delight of Chevrolet fanboys around the world.

All the Corvette and Camaro fans laughing at Mustang owners got us thinking: Don't their cars crash at Cars & Coffee too? Surprisingly, the answer is "not really." It took a bit of digging before we could scrounge up five videos of Corvette and Camaro owners making asses of themselves at these gatherings. What gives? Maybe it's design-related. The Mustang just ditched the solid rear axle, whereas the Corvette got rid of it in the early 1960s and the Camaro did so back in 2009. Maybe it's the fact that there are many more Mustangs on the road than Corvettes and Camaros? Or maybe it's just plain dumb luck? Check out these videos and then judge what's what for yourself.

This video came out shortly after videos of Mustangs crashing at Cars & Coffee events around the country took over the Internet. In it a Camaro built for drag racing puts down a bit too much power after exiting an event in Reno. Luckily the driver was uninjured although his car's front end did take a beating.

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By the looks of this video you'd expect the person filming it to be at a rally car race. But no, the car in this video coming oh so close to smacking spectators is a Corvette whose driver overcooked it while exiting a Cars & Coffee. No one was injured and it's unknown as to whether the car was stopped by the police after almost obliterating a crowd of kids.

We're all for people laying down burnouts in public provided they know what they're doing. This Corvette tried and failed to smoke off a set of rear tires and ended up on the sidewalk at Cars & Coffee Dallas. The best part of this clip is watching the driver haul ass off the curb in shame as the crowd and the drivers on the street wonder what the hell just happened.

According to this video's description, and a forum post linked within it, the cause of this near-miss wasn't a display of power gone wrong or a failed drift attempt. The driver says some oil became stuck to his rear tires during Cars & Coffee Carlsbad (a city near San Diego), causing his rear tires to break free at "3000 RPM." Likely story or totally legitimate explanation?

Either the 2015 Camaro Z/28 in this video hit a patch of gravel or sand in the road, causing the rear tires to lose traction, or this is proof that American muscle cars can't turn to save themselves. We can't decide which one is more likely but we will give this guy kudos for saving his own ass.

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