These 5 Videos Prove That The Model S Is Capable Of Losing Drag Races

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It doesn't happen often, though.

It seems like every single week—and sometimes day—we see a new video of the Tesla Model S stomping out a car or motorcycle in a drag race. When we drove the Model S 70D (the runt of the litter) we were amazed by its instant acceleration, even if it “only” sent 328 horsepower and 387 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. The P85D and P90 with Ludicrous and Insane mode are the top dogs that you usually see destroying other cars in drag race videos. But as these five races prove, Tesla’s super sedan can’t win ‘em all.

The Tesla Model S P85D and Lamborghini Aventador are about an even match when it comes to power. The EV makes 691 horsepower and 687 lb-ft of torque. The Lamborghini is rated at 691 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque. Both are all-wheel-drive, but with launch control and a lighter weight the Aventador is able to quickly get out in front of the Model S.

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The Challenger Hellcat has been on the losing end of a drag race with the Model S before, albeit thanks to a bad driver. Drivers aside the Hellcat isn’t well-suited to take down the Model S P85D as it’s bloated and RWD, although it does have launch control. However, those disadvantages disappear thanks to a tune job and some drag radials. Still counts.

The Aventador isn’t the only Lamborghini able to outrun the Model S P85D. The Huracan is plenty capable despite packing only 602 horsepower. All-wheel drive and a lighter weight truly are the great equalizer.

Lamborghinis are seemingly the only cars that can take down the Model S. This time it’s an Aventador (shocker) with a Capristo exhaust going up against the mighty P90D. Even with Ludicrous mode the Lambo is able to get the jump on the Tesla off the line in every race run here but one.

All of these videos have featured the P85D, but it’s no longer atop the lineup anymore. That title belongs to the P90D. The differences may not seem like much but the newer Model S is able to whoop its predecessor—which isn’t even sold by Tesla anymore—by 0.3 seconds in a 0-60 mph sprint. Sometimes it takes a Tesla to beat a Tesla. Also, still counts.

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