These 5 YouTubers Have The COOLEST Car Collections Imaginable


You need to get yourself a YouTube channel right now!

Being a YouTuber has grown from being a silly indulgence, to a full-time job that can pay incredibly well. Of course, many YouTubers, including some on this list, have other sources of wealth, YouTube is a great way to make a bit of money if you can produce some great content. In order to stand out, many YouTube "celebrities" buy flashy cars with crazy wraps. These cars are fun to look at, but will have to wait for another list. This Top 5 will feature the best car collections from people on YouTube! A Ferrari or Lamborghini alone won't be enough to get you on this list.

The first person on our list is Alejandro Salomon, otherwise known as Salomondrin. He made his money as a film producer and has now begun to use his talents to create one of the best YouTube car channels out there. His car collection has dwindled down in the past couple of months, but he still owns two Rolls-Royces, a Viper ACR, a 911 GT3 RS 4.0 and a 918 Spyder with the Weissach package. He has owned many cars and loves to share them with us on his channel. His prized possession is, obviously, a Smart which he uses to zip through LA's crazy traffic jams. Salomondrin is not a typical car collector; he just buys what makes him happy. We love his enthusiasm and he picks very cool cars (most of the time).

The next person on this list is Aleem Iqbal, or as you may know him, Lord Aleem. His father helped set up Platinum Executive Travel, an exotic car rental company in Birmingham. Aleem likes to show off his wealth by driving around in cars with personalized license plates and has even had a few of his cars vandalized as a result. He claims that people set fire to his cars because of jealousy, but we think jealousy might just mean pure hatred. Lord Aleem is a self proclaimed "Lord" who runs by the motto "What's my father's is mine." How could anyone hate such a humble person? Personality aside, Lord Aleem has a vast collection of cars that really can't fit into one picture. Say what you want about him, but we would sure love to have a collection that big.

We couldn't possibly make a list of the best YouTuber's cars without including Tim Burton, aka Shmee150. Burton was one of the original car spotters when car spotting was just gaining popularity. Through his connections, his channel has grown to include road trips and behind the scenes looks at some incredible cars. Right now, Shmee owns a trio of blue cars including a Ferrari FF, Porsche Cayman GT4, and McLaren 675LT. He also has a purple 675LT Spider on its way. Clearly he has done quite well on his investments because even the top YouTubers would struggle to maintain a collection this nice. Shmee didn't exactly start off in the gutter (far from it), but he has grown his channel to incredible heights and continues to create cool content.

Compared to the other people on this list, SaabKyle04's collection may seem a bit "modest." However, we took into consideration that unlike some of the people on this list, Kyle Lindsey didn't have millionaire, or even billionaire parents. SaabKyle04 is a channel devoted to showing you every inch of the car. Newer videos have taken us for test drives with a little bit of a review, but most feature a completely unbiased in-depth tour. SaabKyle walkthroughs show you every button, every switch, and every compartment in cars that you might want to buy, or might never sit in. His collection has changed over the years, but now includes his Dodge Charger, Ford Fairlane, Chevy Avalanche, Mini Cooper S, and his wife's Thunderbird.

The final person on our list should need no introduction. The former host of NBC's "The Tonight Show" has one of the most legendary car collections on the planet. Jay Leno has been hosting his YouTube show, "Jay Leno's Garage," for quite some time. He probably has even more time to spend now that he is retired from late night TV. Leno's collection is too vast to talk about every car - he has over 160 cars and over 117 motorcycles. Some of the highlights include his McLaren P1 and F1, LLC Rocket, Lamborghini Miura and Countach, Chrysler Turbine Car, Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, and many more. We want to know which YouTuber you think has the second-best collection because, honestly, everyone is playing for second here.

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