These Amazing Cars Actually Cost More Now Than When They Were New


If you bought one of these new expect to make a nice profit.

Here on CarBuzz, we love to spotlight used cars that are just as awesome as new ones. Thanks to depreciation, you can save a ton of money by buying a car that is just a few years old. However, in some rare circumstances, special vehicles can actually appreciate on the used market. Here we are focusing on cars that have been released in the last five years, because everyone knows that antique and classic cars can go up in value. If you bought one of these cars at sticker price, you can now confidently flip it knowing you will make a profit.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was a very interesting car, mostly because of its gullwing doors. The doors were certainly unique, but values of the SLS have now sunk below its successor, the AMG GT. The "normal" SLS has gone down in price, but the hardcore SLS Black Series has actually risen in value. When it was new, the SLS Black Series had an MSRP of $275,000. Based on a search of, the cheapest Black Series that we could find was $349,995 with 37,387 miles on it. The most expensive example has only 143 miles on it and has a whopping $499,888 asking price. That is a pretty nice profit for the person who bought it new.


The BMW 1 Series M was a bit of an oddball when it came out back in 2011. BMW couldn't call it the M1, because it already built a supercar by that name, and the M division didn't give it a bespoke S engine like all other M cars have. Some people criticized the 1M for not being special enough, but because BMW only built 6,309 examples (740 of which made it to the US), it has held its value extremely well. When it was new, the 1M had a base price of $47,000. We only found one car with 34,753 miles on it for less than the original MSRP. The rest are all more expensive than when they were new, with the most expensive Certified-Pre-owned example costing almost $90,000.

It is no secret that limited edition versions of the Porsche 911 go up in value very quickly. Deliveries haven't even begun for the new 911 R and rich car flippers are already trying to get over $1 million on the resale market. Back in 2011, Porsche built a similar model called the 911 GT3 RS 4.0. This limited edition model had a six-speed manual transmission with a hand-built 4.0-liter flat-six sourced from a 911 race car. When it was new, the 4.0 was available for $185,950. Now, you can not find one for less than a staggering $400,000. Automotive YouTuber Salomondrin just recently sold his 911 4.0 that he bought at sticker price. He obviously made a huge profit.

All Ferraris are special, but just like other expensive cars they tend to depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot. That is unless you buy one of the really special models. If you were "privileged" enough to buy a 458 Speciale at its $291,744 base price, you definitely made your money back. The cheapest 458 Speciale that we found was $399,900. We could only find one Speciale Aperta on for sale, and that is being offered for an insane $849,458. If you are in with Ferrari, you can quit your day job and just sell cars for a living.


The McLaren P1 is part of the hybrid hypercar trinity that also includes the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari. All three cars have appreciated in value exponentially. The P1 was sold for $1.15 million when it was new. Only 375 were made, and we could only find two for sale. Both examples that we found have asking prices of over $2.3 million. Just imagine buying a car and being able to sell it for double its value almost instantly. Of course the other cars in the holy trinity have awesome resale values as well, but the McLaren had the smallest production run, Porsche made 918 918 Spyders and Ferrari made 499 LaFerraris, so there's a chance that its exclusivity will push resale values even higher.

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