These Are Our 5 Favorite Colors From Ford


Ford has definitely made some impressive colors.

We did a list of the top 5 colors that we wish automakers would bring back. Ford's Mistichrome paint made that list, which made us think, what other amazing colors has the American automaker created over the years? So, we looked at some of the sportiest cars that Ford has built to find the coolest paint colors. Ford has made many exciting colors, so to make this list the color had to have some exclusivity or unique factor. Mistichrome has already been on another top 5 list, so unfortunately it won't be on this one.

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First up is Liquid Blue. This color debuted at the DetroitAuto Show on several high performance models including the GT, Raptor, GT350, and Focus RS. Despite being very well received, and very unique, Ford is not offering it on any production models. We aren't sure why Ford decided to reveal so many of its cars in this amazing blue and not offer it. Because you won't actually be able to get this color on any production car, it stays low onour list. We really wish Ford would make it, but forbidden fruit is alwayssweeter. Perhaps Ford will release a special edition model with this color and make it extremely limited production. We can only hope that we will be able to purchase it eventually if enough fanboys complain.

Next up we have a blue that will be making production, Nitrous Blue. Unlike Liquid Blue, this blue will actually be available on the new Focus RS. We think that this is by far the coolest color that is being offered on the hot hatch and it really is the car's signature color. Despite being a brand-new color, we instantly fell in love with it and had to put it on the list. Ford has made some interesting blues over the years, but this one is very unique. It reminds us of BMWs Yas Marina Blue as well as Grabber Blue from the Mustang. Despite looking like another blue from Ford, this hue will only be available on the Focus RS and will help boost the car's and the color's rarity. For such a wild hatchback, you need a wild color.

We continue the list with another color from a Focus RS. This time, the previous generation car. We never received the Focus RS in the United States, and seeing the car in Ultimate Green made that reality even harsher. Not only was the Focus RS way better than any Focus we received here, Ford literally gave it a color that it deemed to be the "ultimate" green. This color represents the ultimate "screw you" to enthusiasts in America. Ford basically said, "this is the ultimate hot hatchback, in the ultimate color, and ultimately, you can't have it!" We may be a bit bitter here, but you can't blame us for being a bit disappointed. This thing just looked so good! At least Ford is making it up to us with the new Focus RS.

Sticking with the theme of green, we have a classic color from Ford, Grabber Green. Like Grabber Blue, Grabber Green was available for the 1970 Boss 429 Mustang. However, unlike blue, Grabber Green was never brought back on a modern Mustang, so it remains the more classic color. This green color is more of a turquoise, so putting it on a modern Ford would be a bit unorthodox. Despite being a bit "stuck in the past", we think that Grabber Green is by far one of the coolest colors to ever be put on a Mustang. The Mustang has had some incredible colors over the years. It was hard for us to leave Mistichrome of the list, because we covered it on another list, and red, because we thought it was a little too predictable.

We finish the top 5 with a very unpredictable color, Screaming Yellow. Ford has made many yellow colors over the years, but none have a cooler name than Screaming Yellow. This color was available on a number of Mustangs including the bonkers SVT Cobra. This color took a fairly inexpensive car, and gave it the showy credentials that helped it sit next to far more expensive models from BMW or even Ferrari. While you may not have been able to afford these cars, a Screaming Yellow Cobra told the world that you deserve to be seen, and can keep up with those stuffy Europeans. What do you think of our list? Which color was your favorite? Did we leave off your favorite? Let us know in the comments!