These Are Our 5 Favorite Porsche Paint Colors Of All Time


There are so many good ones. It's like picking the cutest puppy on the Internet.

Picking the top five paint colors for a specific manufacturer isn't all that hard. We have created lists of our favorite colors from luxury car companies like Rolls-Royce, budget automakers like Dodge, and even insane supercar companies like Lamborghini. However, there is one sports car company that we have not tackled, Porsche. We have avoided doing a list of our favorite Porsche colors because there are just too many good ones. We are sure that after we do this list we will rediscover colors that should have made the cut.

We kick this list off with a classic, Speed Yellow. Porsche cars look great in yellow, and the 911 is no exception. Whether you have a brand new 991 Turbo or an older model, yellow is an excellent color to get attention. The 911 is a fast car, so why wouldn't you want people around you to look your way? We agree that the 911 does look good in a nice silver or white, but if you go the extra mile and buy a faster model like a GTS or a Turbo people need to know. Painting a base Boxster in yellow may be a bit much, but if you had the cash lying around for a faster model like a GT3, this is the color you should go with. The color even has the word "speed" in it. How much better can it get?

We know that we are going to catch some flack for this next choice. You may be wondering why we decided to include this weird, Barney-looking color on our list. Rubystone Red is a very interesting color for Porsche. Many 911 buyers are quite conservative and end up picking white, black or silver. However, back in the 964 generation, Porsche decided to be bold and offer this crazy looking purplish red hue. We wish that Porsche would bring back this color for its modern cars, and someone has even done a paint to sample on a brand new GT3 RS. We think the color looks absolutely stunning on the RS. Frankly, more people should embrace being a bit weird with their Porsches.

For the third color on this list, we are actually picking a variety. We know that bright colors are not for everyone, and Porsche definitely knows that as well. Many Porsches, even the extremely fast ones, are painted in dull colors. But even these pedestrian picks come alive when they are accentuated with brightly colored wheels. We are talking about models like the 996 and 997 GT3 RS. The 996 was famous for only being offered in white with a choice of wheel colors. For the 997.2 generation, Porsche gave us the awesome grey with red wheel scheme, the one Richard Hammond piloted on "Top Gear." You don't normally see stock wheels like these but Porsche pulls it off.

Our next color is Acid Green, or better known to some people as Solomongreen. YouTuber Salomondrin recently purchased an Acid Green 918 Spyder and has been on a crusade to get the color renamed. We love Salomondrin but would be devastated if Porsche decided to name this color anything other than the absolutely fitting Acid Green. The shade started off as just an accent color for the badging and brake calipers of hybrid models like the Panamera. That all changed when one bold 918 buyer decided to cover his entire car in We have even seen a 991 GT3 RS with a paint to sample version of this color. We would love to see Acid Green more, but Porsche reserves it for hybrids only.

Without further ado, here is our favorite Porsche color: Riviera Blue. It really doesn't matter which Porsche this lovely shade is on because we are absolutely smitten with it. We have seen this color put on everything from the Boxster to the 918 and don't think there's any way it could ever look bad. Rivera Blue actually changes colors a bit depending on the light. In some pictures it actually looks a bit dark, only to really pop off when you take it into the sunlight. Did we miss your favorite Porsche color? Disagree passionately with any of our choices? Let us know in the comments. There are still plenty of good Porsche colors out there so a part two may be in order.

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