These Are The 10 Cheapest Cars You Can Insure Right Now


Hint: no supercars made the list. Go figure.

Nobody likes paying for car insurance, but when an accident or anything else goes wrong, you're sure as hell glad you have it. That said, everybody wants to save money on their car insurance premiums and have low deductibles. Aside from shopping insurance companies, it's the car itself that can help you save a chunk of change. Question is, what are those cars? has revealed its annual most and least expensive vehicles to insure list, and its information is reliable as you'll get.

The company claims it pulled quotes from six different insurance companies and averaged all of them. Armed with that data, a list was created of the cheapest cars to insure in 2017. Now, for those shopping for family-friendly vehicles, you're in luck; nine out of 10 are either minivans or crossovers. But there was one surprise that made the top 10, securing the number three spot for its average annual premium. Even the number one pick is impressive, considering it's not exactly the cheapest family vehicle to begin with. We were, however, pleasantly surprised to see that Jeeps consisted of 50 percent of the top 10.

"When people think of Jeeps, they typically think about ruggedness, not bells and whistles," stated Penny Gusner, an analyst for "The Jeeps on this list are the entry-level and thus would cost less to repair or replace …but Jeeps do have strong safety features, which can help lower auto insurance premiums." We're sure you're curious to know what made this year's list, so without further ado, read on. 1. Honda Odyssey LX ($1,112) 2. Jeep Renegade Sport ($1,138) 3. Jeep Wrangler Black Bear ($1,148)

Guy Spangenberg

4. Honda CR-V LX ($1,170) 5. Jeep Compass ($1,183) 6. Subaru Outback 2.5i ($1,187) 7. Jeep Cherokee Sport ($1,188) 8. Buick Encore/tie ($1,190) 8. Jeep Patriot Sport/tie ($1,190) 10. Subaru Forester 2.5I ($1,196)


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